Fertilizer treatments are what provide your lawn with the essential nutrients that it needs to help your grass grow nice and healthy throughout the year. While you should apply fertilizer to your lawn throughout the year, one of the most important times to fertilize your lawn is in the late fall. Late fall fertilizer treatments or "winterizer treatments" prepare your grass for the freezing temperatures that we experience here in Kansas during the winter season. A winterizer treatment that is applied during the late fall will strengthen the roots of your grass and provide essential nutrients that will be stored throughout the winter and used once spring arrives.

A winterizer treatment will prepare your lawn for the upcoming winter.

Winterizer pellets placed in lawn in Shawnee, KS.

A winterizer treatment will help prepare your lawn for the upcoming winter season by giving it the nutrients it needs to strengthen up. This is very important because you'll want your grass to be as strong as possible before it enters winter dormancy so that it will be able to emerge healthy in the spring. If your lawn doesn't have a sufficient supply of nutrients when it enters winter dormancy, it could die, and you would end up with a brown, unattractive lawn that will require a lot of time and work to get it back to a healthy state. So, before the freezing weather sets in, make sure that your lawn receives a winterizer treatment.

Your grass will be able to store important nutrients with a winterizer treatment.

Nutrient rich winterizer treatment to lawn in Kansas City, KS.

Because the freezing weather will force your lawn into winter dormancy, you'll want to make sure that your lawn has all the nutrients it needs to enter dormancy in a strong state. A winterizer treatment will provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to develop a deep and strong root system so that it will be better equipped to withstand the freezing winter temperatures. A winterizer treatment should have a lot of nitrogen in it because the roots of your grass will store up the nitrogen throughout the winter season. When spring arrives, you will need to give your lawn its first mow of the season. During the first mow, the nitrogen that was stored throughout the winter will be released, and it will help your lawn green up and start growing!

When should you apply winterizer to your lawn?

A winterizer treatment should be applied toward the end of the fall season. That's because you'll want to give the roots of your grass a chance to absorb the nutrients before your lawn falls into winter dormancy. If you apply this treatment too early, your lawn could use up the nutrients too quickly, and come spring, it won't have any left in its reserves. If you apply this treatment too late, it could be ineffective because your lawn may already have fallen into winter dormancy. To ensure this treatment is applied at just the right time, you should always hire professionals to apply winterizer to your lawn.

A winterizer treatment can help your lawn from succumbing to snow mold.

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At Green Again Lawn, our fertilization program includes a high-quality winterizer treatment to help prepare your lawn for the winter season. Once spring arrives, our goal is to make sure your grass is green, healthy, and unaffected by diseases. We offer our fertilization service to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Shawnee, Overland Park, Lenexa, Kansas, and throughout the surrounding areas. Give us a call today (913) 209-3320 to schedule our winterizer treatment for your lawn so it is prepared for the winter months ahead!