Save 10% on seasonal applications when you prepay

Have your forward thinking rewarded with a 10% discount on all applications for our Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control or Tree & Shrub Program. Don’t worry about when the bill for your next application is due and take comfort in knowing your lawn will be taken care of all season long!

Lawn Care Treatment Prepay
Up to 8 applications

Over the course of 6 visits to your property throughout the season, we apply 8 different applications:

Pre-Emergence & Fertilizer

Application 1:

Provides your grass with optimal nutrition in early spring and prevents weeds like crabgrass henbit, clover, chickweed, and even dandelions.

Liquid Weed Control & Fertilizer

Application 2:

Professional grade liquid weed control to eliminate signs of dandelions, spurge, thistle, and more. Extra slow release fertilizer for continued growth until the next application.

Granular Weed Control & Fertilizer

Application 3a:

Fertilizer treatment to give your grass the dark green color moving into summer. Professional grade blanket weed killer spray.

Nutsedge Treatment

Application 3b:

Nutsedge application that kills tubers below the soil and eradicates newly germinated nutsedge. Persistent nutsedge is spot sprayed free of charge afterward. Applied in conjunction with Application 3a.

Summer Fertilizer & Weed Control

Application 4a:

Treatment of broadleaf weeds and nutsedge and early summer fertilizer for continued, strong growth of grass.

Grub Control

Application 4b:

Season-long protection against grubs. Provided before soil temperatures rise prior to grubs feeding on grass roots. Applied in conjunction with Application 4a.

Feeding & Fertilizer

Application 5:

Increased turf nutrition rate to maintain green color through fall. Quick growth for newly aerated and seeded lawns.

Winterizer & Fertilizer

Application 6:

Provides nutrients for the dormant months to aid in a deeper roots system. The system allows for a reserve of nutrients to be quickly accessed and utilized in early spring.

Tree and Shrub Program Prepay
Up to 6 Applications

Just like your lawn, trees and shrubs need proper nutrients and pest prevention in addition to fungicide treatments:

Dormant Oil


Suffocates mites and small insects coming out of dormant, winter months.

Spring Fertilizer


Soil injection to promote new growth, strengthened root system and prevents against disease and fungus before summer heat.



Protects against Japanese beetles, bagworms, and other feeding insect damage. Also includes fungicide to protect against stress and disease.



A more systemic fungicide treatment that moves throughout branches and foliage. Also includes blanket spray insecticide to protect against boring insects.

Japanese Beetle Spray

This protects your trees and shrubs from the swarming insect that will feed on your plants by arriving in large waves. 

Fall Fertilizer


Soil injection to help trees coming out of the hot summer months and provide added nutrients going into winter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose which applications I want?

Our applications work in tandem with each other to provide the best, possible result for your lawn. These applications are also on a strict, seasonal schedule. With that being said, we are only able to apply all applications in order.

How many applications can I prepay for?

Both the Lawn Care and Tree & Shrub Programs are eligible for prepay up until the third application in early June.

Are the applications child and pet-friendly?

Yes, all of our applications are child and pet safe.

How long should I stay off my grass after an application?

We only ask that you stay off the lawn until it’s dry. This allows any liquid or granular treatment to settle into the lawn and soil. Although they are child and pet-friendly, we wouldn’t want an application to go to waste.

Will I be notified when my lawn has receive an application?

Yes. We understand you care about your lawn and spending time in and around it. We will notify you prior to service so you can expect when it’s best to stay off the lawn.

Why Choose Us

Custom Approach

We know every lawn is unique just like our customers. You’ll receive the same custom treatment from our team as your lawn.

The Experts in Lawn Care

Making grass green and weed-free is what we know. We devote all of our time to this skill set, so that we can set ourselves apart as the most knowledgable in the industry. Our teammates are trained. We provide year round continual education and weekly ride alongs with our managers.


Free Consultation

Our consultations are free. Know what it will take to have the lawn of your dreams without having to pay up first. We’re in it to make lawns green and weed free, not to nickel and dime.