Lawn Care Services in Olathe, Kansas

At Green Again Lawn, we don’t just offer exceptional lawn care services in the Olathe and Paola, Kansas areas, we offer comprehensive plans to help get your lawn green again. From fertilization and aeration to pest control and prevention, we’re your go-to lawn care service provider to create that perfect lawn!

With our location in Spring Hill, Kansas, owner, Britt Dowd has been proudly serving the Kansas City area, including Johnson and Miami County with Green Again Lawn since the Spring of 2012.

At Green Again Lawn, we provide the areas with top quality lawn care services, not only with a professional approach but with a commitment to our customers.

Our customer-first value is what helps us provide an individualistic plan to each of our customers and their lawns to help them be green again.

Maintaining a beautiful green lawn isn’t just about routine maintenance or even a strong fertilization and aeration plan. We believe our clients work hard and deserve to relax and enjoy their lawns with their families. It’s about building a lasting relationship with our clients and being committed to each person. 

See how we can make your lawn green again!


Looking to Make Your Lawn Green Again?

Then take a look at all of our lawn care and turf maintenance services we use to help you get there and keep your Kansas lawn vibrant. If you’d like to know more about each service, simply click on one to learn more!

Fertilization and Weed Prevention Services in Johnson County Kansas

Fertilization & Weed Prevention

Every lawn is unique and has different needs based on the surrounding plant life, traffic patterns, and tree coverage. We’ll develop the right fertilization method combined with the correct weed control services to keep unwanted weeds out and help your lawn grow thick and green in areas of high traffic or tree coverage.

Lawn Aeration in Kansas City

Lawn Aeration, Verti-Cutting and Seeding

Soil compaction can be the root of grass growth problems. Pun intended. Fortunately, we offer core aeration services in the Miami and Johnson County areas to remove core samples for soil to settle properly, allowing the delivery of nutrients to be more effective.

Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Tree & Shrub Program

Your lawn isn’t the only thing that needs proper nutrients. Chances are if your grass is in need of fertilization and aeration, your trees and shrubs are in need of some help as well. Prevent dying trees with our Tree & Shrub Program.

Mosquito Flee and Tick Pest Control in Olathe

Mosquito, Flea, & Tick Lawn Barrier

Enjoy your lawn more with your family and reclaim the outdoors with Green Again Lawn’s mosquito, flea, and tick outdoor pest control services. We’ll keep your yard free of the pests that keep you indoors on nice days.

Perimeter Pest Control Services Near Olathe

Perimeter Pest Control

We don’t just help keep the outdoor pests away, we’ll help control the pests and critters that come inside as well, such as ants and spiders by applying a barrier around the perimeter of your property.

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