Tree & Shrub Program

Tree Protection & Disease Prevention

Our tree and shrub program helps protect the health and beauty of your landscape investment. It also helps build resistance to disease, fungus, and insect problems that are frequent in the Kansas City area, including mites, bagworms, and Japanese beetles.

With our 5 step Tree & Shrub Program, we’ll prevent insects from emerging in early spring and apply spring fertilizer, fungicide, and insecticide to help trees stay healthy and green during the rainy season. In the mid-summer, we’ll apply another round of fungicide and insecticide to prevent further disease and insect damage. Finally, we’ll top off the year with a soil injection to give your trees’ health an extra boost coming out of a hot summer and going into the winter.


Avoids Fungus

Fungus decomposes living organisms and that’s exactly what your trees are. We’ll prevent fungus from growing on your trees.


Prevents Disease

Prevent diseases in your trees that can cause your tree to wither and die out.


Eliminates Insects

Certain trees attract and are attacked by different types of insects. It’s our job to protect and prevent your trees from becoming infested with mites, bagworms, and more.


Dormant Oil

In early spring, we’ll provide your trees and shrubs with an application of dormant oil which suffocates insects coming out of their dormancy period.


Spring Fertilizer

In early spring, we’ll also issue a soil injection application to promote new growth, a strengthened root system, and protection against disease and fungus.



A pre-summer application of insecticide and fungicide is administered to protect trees and shrubs from stress through disease and fungus. It also prevents future and existing insect feeding that damages, leaves, branches, and bark tissue.



A second insecticide and fungicide treatment are applied to prevent further disease and insect damage in mid-summer.


Fall Fertilizer

During the fall, we apply a fall fertilizer, soil injection to help trees and shrubs coming out of the stress of the hot summer and provide added nutrients going into the winter.


Iron Injection

Trees start to show an iron deficiency when leaves on the South side of the tree begin to yellow. When trees show signs of these, we’ll apply an iron injection.

Seasonal Prepay Program

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Emerald Ash Borer

The emerald ash borer beetle is an invasive species that originated in Asia. It found its way here starting in Michigan in 2002 and has since severely affected over 20 million trees in 35 states.

The emerald ash borer (EAB) primarily affects ash trees, which are prevalent in the Johnson and Miami County areas of Kansas. A tree that remains too affected by the beetle can become weak and even dangerous.

If you have an ash tree in your yard or have EAB damage, contact us immediately!

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