Applying fertilizer treatments to your lawn helps ensure your grass is receiving all of the essential nutrients it needs to grow to its full potential. While you should apply fertilizer treatments to your lawn throughout the year, you want to make sure that you apply a fertilization treatment in the late fall. Late fall fertilizer treatments, also known as "winterizer treatment", gives your grass the opportunity to prepare for the freezing winters that we experience here in Missouri by providing it with essential nutrients. A winterizer treatment will also give your lawn enough strength to fight off certain turf diseases such as snow mold. What's more, if you apply a winterizer treatment to your lawn in the late fall, your grass will be able to green up much faster once spring arrives.

Prepare your turf for the upcoming winter with a winterizer treatment.

Winterizer treatment pellets shown over lawn in Raymore, MO.

A winterizer treatment helps your grass develop a stronger root system, which will help prepare it for the upcoming winter because it will be able to store more nutrients. Winterizer treatments have a substantial amount of nitrogen in them that helps promote plant growth. Nitrogen is one of the most important nutrients for your turf because it keeps your grass looking nice and green throughout the year. Because the winter months can be such a challenging time for your lawn, it is crucial your grass is receiving all of the essential nutrients it needs so it can prepare for the freezing temperatures ahead.

Winterizer treatments strengthen your lawn so it can fight off turf diseases throughout the winter.

Healthy winterized grass covered by snow ready for the harsher seasons in Kansas City, MO.

If your lawn does not have a sufficient supply of nutrients, it becomes more susceptible to turf diseases. This is especially true once the freezing weather starts to occur and your lawn goes into a dormant state. That is because when your grass is dormant, it consumes the nutrients it has stored to be able to make it through the harsh winter. A winterizer treatment gives your grass more than enough of the essential nutrients it needs throughout the winter months. The abundance of these nutrients helps your lawn gain enough strength to survive and fight off turf diseases such as snow mold, and keeps your lawn as healthy as possible during the winter.

There are two types of snow mold: pink snow mold and gray snow mold. If you notice either of them in your lawn, you should reach out to a lawn care professional ASAP.

Winterizer treatments help your lawn green up in the spring.

A winterizer treatment that was applied in the late fall will help your grass green up much faster in the spring once the winter months have passed. That's because the roots of your lawn will store the nitrogen from the winterizer treatment during the winter and once your lawn is mowed for the first time in the spring, the nitrogen will be released and your lawn will be able to green up much quicker than if you were to skip a winterizer treatment.

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